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is a web service that provides users connection to their social network web sites through their mobile phone SMS and MMS.

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Dear users,

We are sorry to inform you that this community service will be shut down in 30 days as we are facing financial issue that refrain us from continuing to support this free service from our end. Thank you for your understanding. We are glad to have the opportunity to have you all in our community in the past one year. Hope to see you all again in the future.

posted 11 months ago

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sad si wo le .

carolynbangg posted 10 months ago

Me: Yay! It's raining!! Waaa~ i love thunder!! Mom: *looks at me* hmmmmm ... Anyway i'm really glad it's raining now. Had enough of the scorching sun!

qi_xxxxxxxx posted 10 months ago

Jermaine. Freaking learn that the world does not revolve around you, idiot ==

twitter plurk
xiiaorainy posted 10 months ago

Walao eh , freaking disgusting couple.

jasonng posted 10 months ago

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Twitter: @sms_yo
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SMS Number
Singapore (+65) 9242 3899
Malaysia (+60) 016 726 6083
Indonesia (+62) 081 9909 81698
Australia (+61)0424660731